The Solomon and Sheba #011A
a $50.00 value - only $38.00
A Biblical Gift
The Bible tells us that King Solomon presented the Queen of Sheba with gifts from the Dead Sea, but leaves us guessing as to exactly which products he chose. Judging by how famously the two got along, we figure it had to have been AHAVA's four perennial hits: Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Salt Soap, and 1/2 pound of Bath Salts.
The Nirvana #013C
a $27.00 value - only $19.95
Your Spa at Home
If you haven’t visited the NIRVANA Spa on the banks of the Dead Sea, you needn't wait much longer!! Now you can experience NIRVANA in the comfort of your own bathtub or back yard. A 1 lb. packet of Body Mud for a wrap or those aching joints. 2 lbs. of Bath Salts for a soak or a rub.
The Ziva #016F
a $41.00 value - only $37.00
AHAVA's Mommy and Me Kit
Ms. Ziva Gilead, AHAVA's founder and itinerant educator, has long extolled the virtues of our Glycerine Soap for relieving the itchy irritation of skin during pregnancy. Ziva also reminded us not to forget the Hand Cream for diaper-changing begins -- and the Body Lotion for after bathing.
The Body Trio #053A
a $53.00 value - only $37.00
By far our most popular kit. Hand Cream, Body Lotion ad a FREE foot cream. All full size.

The Dead Sea Sampler #Z0823
a $29.00 value - only $20.00
The perfect introduction to Dead Sea skin care, this exquisite kit contains travel sizes of our hand cream, body lotion, and facial moisturizer, together with a FULL SIZE dead sea mud soap.
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