Medicalia Medi-Repair provides you with a truly repairing and rejuvenating clinical regimen!
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As time progresses, your skin begins reflecting the signs of aging. When fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity begin to show, Medicalia steps in to deliver visible repair and vital rejuvenation.

Main Ingredients;
Vitamin "C" - anti-aging, smoothing, rejuvenating and anti-free radicals.
Retinol - smoothing, hydrating, age defying, stimulates cellular activity.
Collagen - prevents and smooths wrinkles.

This product line effectively and powerfully combats aging signs, smooths skin surface and renders your skin youthfully radiant.

Gentle Cleanser
Creamy, gentle and specifically formulated to softly and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Containing natural emulsified oils, this anti-irritant cleanser is completely hydrosoluble and leaves no residue on the skin.

Gentle Toner
This unique toner, very rich in active ingredients, is an integral part of the cleansing procedure. A necessary step for preparing the skin for further treatment. Desensitizing, healing and hydrating, it reduces blotchiness and irritability.

Retinol & "C" Care Cream
Specifically formulated with the latest anti-aging ingredients: Spherulites Au Retinol and stabilized Vitamin C, this tri-phase homogenized cream is easily absorbed by the skin resulting in maximum skin hydration. The skin emerges vibrant, radiant and replenished.

"C" Vitaminic Serum
A precise formulation of easily absorbed ingredients provides this serum its exceptional texture and consistency and its capacity to effectively counteract photo damage. The specific synergy of Hyaluronic Acid and stabilized Vitamin C combats free-radicals and fine lines. Ideal for promoting a healthy and luminous complexion.