Post-Operative Clinical Regimen

Accelerate The Healing Process With Medicalia's Post-Operative Clinical Regimen

After undergoing operative procedure, there is no substitute for powerful post-operative care. Medicalia offers a post-operative regimen unlike any other with high-tech formulations: Silico-Lipid, which protects, soothes and cools, providing the skin with an immediate feeling of comfort. Most importantly, preventing the dreaded formation of post-operative milia.

Medicalia knows that successful post-operative care requires precise healing and the speediest recovery possible. Medicalia Post-Operative is a serious, highly effective regimen that shortens the healing process, rapidly rehabilitating the skin, encouraging speedy reepithelisation and bringing forth astonishing post-operative results after: Laser Resurfacing, Photo-Facial Rejuvenation, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion...

Gentle Cleanser
Creamy, gentle and specifically formulated to softly and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Containing natural emulsified oils, this anti-irritant cleanser is completely hydrosoluble and leaves no residue on the skin.
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Gentle Toner
This unique toner, very rich in active ingredients, is an integral part of the cleansing procedure. A necessary step for preparing the skin for further treatment. Desensitizing, healing and hydrating, it reduces blotchiness and irritability.

Silico-Lipid Serum
This serum's silky, non-greasy texture, leaves a protecting non-occlusive, non-comedogenic film that shortens the healing process; rehabilitation the skin, eliminating milia formation and stiffness, brining forth a speedier recovery with amazing post-operative results.

Post-Operative Cream
Soothing and hydrating, this cream accelerates the healing process and shortens recovery time. Reduces post-operative discomfort. Ideal for helping restore skin suppleness and tonicity while protecting skin from environmental aggressions.