Oily Skin Clinical Regimen Mild/Moderate

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Medicalia Offers You The Truly Effective Adult Oily Skin Solution


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Technologically advanced, Medicalia delivers the ultimate effectiveness of microspheres for intensive oil absorbency. These phenomenal invisible spherical particles offer the highest oil absorption possible and impart the oil-free cream with a luxurious silky texture.

The Medi-Control line for adult oily skin helps increase skin's moisture level while improving skin texture. Firming and tightening, it renders skin surface wonderfully matte. Make-up feels freshly applied all day long, oil secretion is perfectly regulated and wrinkles are smoothed. An innovative line that seriously addressees adult oily skin problems.

Exfoliating Cleanser
A unique and effective anti-bacterial, naturally foaming, gently exfoliating cleanser that leaves skin clean and vibrant.

Oily Skin Toner
This toner is formulated with the latest botanical extracts for maximum freshness and oil control.

Oily Skin Care Cream
This superbly light textured cream leaves skin hydrated but remarkably matte and oil-free.