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Do You Experience:

  • Arousal Disorder
  • Lack of Lubrication
  • Inability to Achieve Orgasm
Ladies, For YOUR sake ... read on!

The past four years can easily be called "The Year of the Man" within pharmacological circles... at least as far as sexual health is concerned!

Since 1998, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals' multi-billion dollar romance with Viagra(TM) has literally rejuvenated the sex lives of millions of men worldwide!

Now ... FINALLY ... drug and nutriceutical developers seem to be waking up and asking, "What about Women?!"
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This is a question our manufacturer, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., began asking nearly three years ago. While developing Stamina-Rx, a breakthrough sexual aid for men, our leading pharmacologist and Chief Medical Director began to engineer a similar formula that would prove beneficial to women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

NOTE: Despite popular belief, a recent study reported in "Newsweek" by researchers at the University of Chicago suggested that sexual dysfunction (defined as the inability to enjoy sex or achieve an orgasm) is more common in women than men. The study reported sexual dysfunction in 43% of women ages 18 to 59 versus 31% of men ages 18 to 59.

After nearly three years of tireless research and development,We are EXCITED to announce the release of Stamina-Rx for Women!

Waking Up to Women's Needs:

* Enabling Women to Enjoy Sex * Enhancing the Sexual Experience * Enticing Orgasm
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As you WELL know, it is fruitless to consider sexual health without acknowledging the powerful conneciton between the MIND and the BODY.

For women to fully enjoy the sexual experience, it is crucial to feel a strong emotional and psychological connection (if not with the partner then at least with the act or encounter itself). Stamina-Rx for Women! utilizes the herbs Mucuna Pruriens, Icariin-50 and Cistanches extract to dramatically increase sexual desire and arousal by stimulating the release of powerful neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine) that energize the hypothalamus (the body's "sex center").


Nearly ALL women agree that orgasm is a DIRECT function of BOTH physical AND mental/psychological arousal. Stamina-Rx for Women! uses Ageratum Extract and Mucuna Pruriens to actually initiate the physical orgasm by introducing the release of oxytocin into the body. Studies have shown this mechanism can DRAMATICALLY improve the "strength" and duration of an orgasm as well as faclitate a multiple-orgasm.

Also, by elevating the dopamine and norepinephrine levels, the mental/psychological self is also aroused and ripe for climax.

HEIGHTENED SENSITIVITY (Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, Cnidium Monnier, Yohimbe 8% extract, L-Arginine)
The most common physical cause of sexual dysfunction in women is poor vaginal lubrication. This is attributed to a decrease in blood flow to (and poorly maintained blood supply within) the sexual organs. Stamina-Rx for Women! addresses both the FLOW and MAINTENANCE of blood in the sexual organs. By increasing blood flow by as much as TEN TIMES and by blocking enzymes that can ultimately break down the "storage" of blood, women are able to remain physically aroused and respondent throughout the sexual experience.